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Public Talks

A talk on the importance of natural history in primatological fieldwork, given on YouTube Live as part of the Primate Conversation Lecture Series at the University of Oxford.


"Who Are We To Them?" - Yale Paprika, Volume 8, Issue 05: March 31, 2023:

Scientific Papers

Freymann, E., d'Oliveira Coelho, J., Hobaiter, C., Huffman, M. A., Muhumuza, G., Zuberbühler, K., & Carvalho, S. (2024). Applying collocation and APRIORI analyses to chimpanzee diets: Methods for investigating nonrandom food combinations in primate self-medication. American journal of primatology, e23603. Advance online publication.


Freymann, E., Huffman, M. A., Muhumuza, G., Gideon, M. M., Zuberbühler, K., & Hobaiter, C. (2023). Friends in high places: Interspecific grooming between chimpanzees and primate prey species in Budongo Forest. Primates.

Soldati, A., Fedurek, P., Crockford, C., Adue, S., Akankwasa, J. W., Asiimwe, C., … Hobaiter, C. (2022). Dead-infant carrying by chimpanzee mothers in the Budongo Forest. Primates, 63(5), 497–508.

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